This page details Pro³s' current projects open for your support and possible participation. All projects detailed here should be considered sub-projects of the Procivilization Arch-Project itself. If you have any general inquiries or specific questions, please contact us.


Procivilization is the 'Arch-Project' because one can think of it 'over-arching', or 'all-encompassing' any and all other aligned projects. It's not just a project. It's the very context of any and all life-affirming, value-creating project on Earth. It's an embodiment of Conscious Life itself. Specifically your conscious life and generally all conscious life on Earth and beyond.

Hence, Procivilization cannot really be only one persons', or single organizations', project. It actually is Humanity’s Project!

Further than that, it doesn’t even matter what the Arch-Project is called. The Project is ‘Life on Earth’. You’re on Earth. You have a Life. YOU are the Project!

That said, we can now move forward using the label ‘Procivilization’ as if that is what, not only we are building, but also most of the rest of Humanity currently alive on this planet today are building, even though they’ve never heard the term (and maybe never will, because it's an English word and 85+% of the world population doesn't currently speak English).

This is exceedingly convenient, partly because anyone’s ego (including yours truly ;-) isn't the sum of the equation. Procivilization isn’t only Pro³s' Project. It’s everyone’s.


The Arch-Project of Procivilization can be found manifesting via three holographic, interrelated Spaces:

Beingspace, Cyberspace and Realspace

Forthcoming communiqués (and the curriculum of the S.O.U.L. in Sub-Project #1 detailed below) will go into more detail about these Spaces and their interactions with each other, but in three nutshells:

  • Beingspace is all about being human, meaning fully conscious, sovereign, and totally free. Mainly our focus in Beingspace is your relationship with yourself: the peaceful harmony between your head, heart and gut. Beingspace encompasses the flow to the Prosidual.

  • Cyberspace is all about technology, meaning the hardware, software and protocols of the Internet and beyond. Mainly our focus in Cyberspace is our relationship with each other and the world as mediated with technology. Cyberspace represents a flow of the Provolution.

  • Realspace is all about reality, meaning the physics, chemistry, biology, geology and other structures of nature. Mainly our focus in Realspace is our relationship with all matter/energy dynamics: the superstructures of Existence, from sub-quantum Gravity Units through electro-magnetic plasma cosmology to the Universe as a whole and beyond. Realspace encompasses the flow to Procivilization.

“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom"

– Viktor E. Frankl


Each of these Spaces can contain an almost infinite number of sub-projects. People all over the world, without direction, are largely unknowingly building various aspects of Procivilization. If your product, service, business or project directly or indirectly supports honest freedom in any or all of these spaces, you are also building Procivilization.

Below you'll find a brief overview of Pro³'s first three sub-projects designed to promote Procivilization in each of these Spaces. All three sub-projects focus on building honest relationships, technology and freedom -- the very essences of any Prosidual building Procivilization.

Please note that the association of a sub-project with a particular Space doesn't mean that that sub-project may not traverse the "boundary" into one or both of the other Spaces. Indeed, they are designed to do so...


ProPortal is the first, immediate-to-short-term, sub-project through which we can all collaborate to expedite the manifestation of the Arch-Project.

There are three phases to procreating each ProPortal:

Phase 1: Study this website (send us your email below to receive our forthcoming MAP)

Phase 2: Attend your closest ProPortal Meetup

Phase 3.0: Identify your own S.O.U.L.¹ (Self Of Un-Learning)

Phase 3.1: Enroll into the S.O.U.L.² (School Of Unlimited Learning)

Phase 3.2: S.O.U.L.³ provolves to a Society Of Unlimited Living -- A ProZone/Network State/Civium

Think of the S.O.U.L. as like a neighbourhood community center wherein you meetup, engage, dialogue, learn and grow into your Procivilization. If you've ever experienced the Landmark Curriculum for Living you'll have an idea of what we're talking about.

Naturally enough, each local S.O.U.L. will include highly structured or fully integrated programs, courses, classes and lessons orientated to assist participants to "switch out of" the anticivilization and "into" a Procivilization. To assist you in making that switch, read Switch! Then, become familiar with The Decentralist and The Agathon Engine as preliminary study.

Further, each S.O.U.L. Center will include health & wellness support for each Participant to realise their mission in full alignment with the apparent Purpose of Procivilization, namely Active, Healthy, Happy, Non-Aging Longevity.

The graphic above indicates the general structure of each ProPortal. In the outermost ring our Extent of Engagement is with the Masses, and our Area of Learning is in Marketing. Basically we're marketing a Procivilization to the masses. This activity is largely Phase 1.

Those recipients of our marketing that are sufficiently interested can "level-up" through the ProPortal by visiting one of our meeting Communities. It's within these communities where participants can experience a deeper level of Support. This activity fulfills Phase 2.

When ready, a participant can further "upgrade" their participation via the ProPortal by Apprenticing in one or more TeamNets that are available. A TeamNet is a smaller grouping of participants where the more specific work of constructing each participants' own S.O.U.L. happens. Phase 3 is complete when each individual participant identifies as a Prosidual and is totally capable of replicating the whole process they experienced to propagate Proportal Communities, TeamNets & S.O.U.L.s anywhere on the planet, if they so choose.

As we know, Cyberspace is a catchall term we use to include any and all consciously created Technology, specifically computers, software and the internet (we also consider Human language a Technology). Moving through the 2020's, one of the cutting edges of Cyberspace is that which uses cryptography and Peer-To-Peer Computing to disrupt and replace various aspects of the anticivilization.​​

The logos below (click an icon to open that sub-project's website in a new tab) are some of the latest peer-to-peer and/or cryptography-based initiatives that in various ways, shapes or forms are unknowingly assisting in manifesting Procivilization. During its successful procreation, each S.O.U.L. (see Sub-Project #1), will roll out "its own" form of crypto-credit code named 'ProCrypto'.

Similar to how the word 'Procivilization' is used to define any and all non-anticivilization-based action, 'ProCrypto' is an umbrella term to cover any and all forms of cryptography-based value exchange and monetization.

A key concept to explore to begin to understand what we're building here is Kartik Gada's A.T.O.M./D.U.E.S proposal: The Accelerating TechnOnomic Medium and Direct Universal Exponential Stipend.

In brief, Kartik lays out a proposal where increasing technological deflation (technology displaces human labour and drives costs down = A.T.O.M.) can be offset by corollary creation and distribution of currency inflation (paid directly to citizens in the form of a stipend = D.U.E.S.).

Where we break company with Kartik is how the new currency is created and distributed by existing central banks. That notion is legacy thinking of the anticivilization. We think it's not only possible but necessary that each individual fully conscious being (Prosidual) becomes the creator of their own money (or currency or credit) by either directly owning or cooperatively co-owning the technological infrastructure that supports that new money creation.

Yes, we can pay ourselves and each other through mutually supportive (peer-to-peer) groups, TeamNets and Communities mainly via increasing our leverage of the A.T.O.M. and Cyberspace (For early examples, click any logo below. These are just a few leading shoots of the Provolution!)

Via this ProCrypto sub-project, all S.O.U.L.s (see sub-project #1) will be ongoingly self-funding. Study The Economic Space Agency Protocols and CEPTR for some more insight.


ProZones (Prosidual Life Zones) are envisioned to be physical places, like todays villages, towns or cities, whose inhabitants (initially probable "graduates" of a S.O.U.L. via the ProPortal Sub-Project #1) can actually live harmoniously, synergistically "together".

Each ProZone would be entirely self-sufficient integrating not only all the latest A.T.O.M. technology from water production/filtration, to solar/wind/geothermal energy generation and storage, to varied food production like hydro and aeroponics and 3D protein printing, but also actual innovation incubators/maker spaces and manufacturing plants to keep the Zone on the leading edge of technology integration and A.T.O.M. support. (See: ReGen Villages, Wild Community Ecovillages, Oceanix, Telosa, One Small Town and Cabin for inspiration).

​​The image above is for a "community dwelling machine" designed by Buckminster Fuller in the 1970's. It was to accommodate 125,000 people!

The original design with schematics and full description can be found at Timothy Wilkins' excellent website SynEarth.

Imagine a fusion of a functional biosphere, a Tesla gigafactory, an Apple headquarters and our upgraded version of this brilliant design and you're beginning to get the idea.

Feasibly, all S.O.U.L.'s could migrate to these locations either constructed at scale on or near existing S.O.U.L. locations or just outside existing major cities up to full size or beyond.

Where, exactly, the first ProZone will be constructed remains to be seen. It's very much a community (S.O.U.L.) sub-project, which means every single last minute detail will be determined through rigorous dialogue with all participating Prosiduals, which connects us beautifully with our primary Beingspace project (see ProPortal sub-project #1) in a form of hyper-benevolent, self-reinforcing, antifragile organic OODAloop.

Onward, Procivilization!


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